Why do Spa’s Love Juicy Bamboo?

13 Nov

With the growing trend for natural & organic products, and Bamboo in hot demand, Kaia Natural’s has a product that combines all three elements…“ALL IN ONE” luxurious cloth that  = cleanser + toner + make up remover, and USA made.

Kaia is the original 100 % biodegradable natural bamboo cleansing cloth.  A very unique facial cloth made soaked in Vitamins B12, C, E, essential oils, & organic Canadian Honey. They love Juicy Bamboo for many reasons; it’s natural, organic, eco friendly, has aromatic qualities and it is TSA approved so they can’t take our Juicy Bamboo away from us when we travel. Women don’t need to travel with their liquids. It’s affordable too, just under $20!

 Our brand is in many spa’s because it is not a skin care line, and it does not compete with spa brand or other skin care products . Juicy Bamboo will compliment your existing brand for many reasons; a unique facial cleansing cloth that is natural & organic, has aromatic qualities, infused with essential vitamins, oils, & is totally eco friendly, all of which is what your spa is all about, Natural, Organic, with a holistic approach.

Recommended by In Style, Beauty, Gorgeously Green and now Martha Stewart’s, Top 10 Best products to travel with! It’s a healthy option to conventional wet wipes from drugstores. It is an incredible product with wonderful benefits……..(see attached) and now being used in Oncology Esthetics.

If you feel this would be a product you want to offer your clients in service, as well as a retail product  may I send you a trial sample? I am very confident you and your clients will love Juicy Bamboo. We also have a great holiday stocking stuffer program each year with complimentary samples for gift certificate envelopes and for Mothers Day.1-Juicy Bamboo Facial Cleansing Cloth-001


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