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It’s Natural It’s Organic It’s Juicy Bamboo Facial Cleansing Cloth – Why do Spa’s Love this ?

1 Oct

Bamboo facial cloth is a cleanser + toner + eye make up remover all in one. No need for water, washcloth, & no residue.

Juicy Bamboo soaked in vitamins B12, C, E, 8 essential oils and organic Canadian honey that leaves your skin feeling like a baby’s bottom.For those with sensitive skin…. you will love this. Also used in Oncology Esthetics.

Spa’s who use this product in service will achieve 20% higher sales than spa’s that do not use them to remove client’s makeup. Recommended by In Style; Beauty;  Gorgeously Green,  & now Martha Stewart’s Top Ten list for best products to travel with…. YES, TSA approved so if you travel a lot this is all you need. All natural 100% Bamboo, facial cleansing cloth.Image
Another fine and outstanding American made product that I have great privilege to represent.

Spa’ Owners  trial sample please connect with me @ adoredesigns.dc@gmail.com

Totally biodegradable & cruelty free.


All Natural Lip Balm. Pucker up ! The best product – USA Made

22 Apr

All Natural Lip Balm. Pucker up ! The best product - USA Made

Earth friendly products. The best ever lip balm and body care on the market.
We offer customized company logo and business information on our earth friendly lip balm. Natural – Caffeine Flavors – Glow In The Dark just to name a few of our most popular lip balms. People love our products and will want more!
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