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It’s Natural It’s Organic It’s Juicy Bamboo Facial Cleansing Cloth – Why do Spa’s Love this ?

1 Oct

Bamboo facial cloth is a cleanser + toner + eye make up remover all in one. No need for water, washcloth, & no residue.

Juicy Bamboo soaked in vitamins B12, C, E, 8 essential oils and organic Canadian honey that leaves your skin feeling like a baby’s bottom.For those with sensitive skin…. you will love this. Also used in Oncology Esthetics.

Spa’s who use this product in service will achieve 20% higher sales than spa’s that do not use them to remove client’s makeup. Recommended by In Style; Beauty;  Gorgeously Green,  & now Martha Stewart’s Top Ten list for best products to travel with…. YES, TSA approved so if you travel a lot this is all you need. All natural 100% Bamboo, facial cleansing cloth.Image
Another fine and outstanding American made product that I have great privilege to represent.

Spa’ Owners  trial sample please connect with me @ adoredesigns.dc@gmail.com

Totally biodegradable & cruelty free.